True Prophets vs Fake Prophets

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A local celebrity and compatriot of mine once wrote on his Facebook page timeline, I quote: “By proving others wrong, you certainly don’t prove yourself right. You prove how low you can stoop. Life is not a competition; it’s a celebration. Don’t win the battle of life by being the cause of failure for others. Win it by being the source of inspiration for others to succeed.”


In that text, I will first comment on the first part of that post, which has a link with the fake prophets who knock on our doors: “By proving others wrong, you certainly don’t prove yourself right. You prove how low you can stoop.”Then in another post I will comment about what are true prophets.

As I was talking about that compatriot of mine, I remember that I have been informed by him, a couple of months ago, that someone was trying hard to compete with him since years, but not competing to be a source of inspiration for others, but only to satisfy his own ego. Thanks to the quotes I retrieved on Google, you will better understand the truth behind that personage, and at the same time be better aware about fake prophets who knock at the door of your life.

Let’s first consider that quote from the Holy Bible: “Beware of the false Prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but who inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits.” (Holy Gospel of St Matthew 7:15-16).This is exactly like this that unfortunately, lots of people still consider society : When you are always well groomed, always elegant, always with a smile upon your face, people still think that you are a respectful person. But I apologise for my frankness, it’s not always true. There is a French quote which says “L’habit ne fait pas le moine”. By experience, my husband had that bad experience when he was working in Mauritius. I had so many fights with him, because he still believed in the old-fashioned school that, when you were a shirt which is impeccably ironed and that you wear a tie, you give a positive image of yourself in society. When my husband started working after university, he was then taught to wear a shirt and a tie to go to work. One evening, my husband’s younger brother did a scandal because their father made the car dirty, and he asked their father to tell my husband to wash the car! My husband’s father then got angry and told my young brother-in-law “You fool! Don’t you see that your brother is wearing a shirt and a tie, and that he is already working hard? Why do you think he is wearing a shirt and a tie? Because he has been studying hard, he has been working hard, and he has so many responsibilities that he comes back home tired after a hard day at work, and would prefer relaxing instead of washing the car!” It was true in the past… Not anymore alas! My husband, though, took a lot of time to understand that things changed. He always believed in his ex-boss, all this because he was wearing a shirt and a tie in office and that his clothes were all the time perfectly ironed! Also, each time that my husband’s clothes were not perfectly ironed, there were big fights at home as he always worried about his image through that shirt he would wear at office! He was like that until he came to discover his boss’s true colours, as an arrogant and disrespectful person, who openly showed the company his relationship with his mistress whereas he had a beautiful wife who made everything for him at home, and who didn’t even hesitate to decrease the little workers in the factory because of the degrees he had and that the little workers didn’t have! Thank God that lesson was a big slap for my husband, and thank God, since that, he changed a lot since we moved to Seychelles and that he doesn’t have anymore to wear a tie for office!

The second quote says that thing: “Should you find yourself victim of other people’s bitterness, ignorance, smallness or insecurities, remember this : things could be worse. You could be one of them!” Personally, I have been myself victim of so many people, who pretended to love me and to cherish me with a so-called sincere heart, but who instead befriended me with benefits to satisfy their own ego. I remember especially a South Indian fake friend of mine who did that to me so many times. At the beginning, he was earning his life as a hotel police in Chennai, until he was victim of some rogues who wanted to attack the hotel and who did some deadly menaces to him! As a true friend, I comforted and supported him a lot and he could always have my shoulder to cry on. He even tried to look for jobs, and thanks to his own efforts he could become a trainee in another hotel in the gym section. Unfortunately, after a few months only, he resigned again because his boss was misusing him as a slave! Also instead of looking for another job… He wanted to stop working and was forcing me to work for him to transfer him money, especially for his birthday!!! I was feeling so guilty that I was madly looking for online jobs to help him, but when my efforts turned vain and that I told him frankly I didn’t find anything, he took his distance from me and managed with a driver job for the account of a construction project, because he urgently needed money! But since then he became arrogant with me, and though he was earning his life well, he kept on fooling me and came to me only for money purposes, for afterwards rejecting me like an old pair of socks when I couldn’t help him… And by coincidence, I don’t know whether I could interpret that as an insult to me, he once made a selfie where he was proudly holding lots of cash money in his hands, and there was a glance of pride and arrogance shining in his eyes, which had nothing to do with the usual sweetness he had in his eyes in the past, and which elapsed away! A proof that as long as some frustrated people know you are always friendly, they will easily misuse you for satisfying their ego and calming down their frustration, but the day you won’t be able to satisfy those people, they will start treating you like a vulgar piece of shit!

Now let’s take a look on the third picture: “A time will come when instead of shepherds feeding the sheep, the Church will have Clowns entertaining the goats”. Have you heard about the villainous character of the Evil Clown that you retrieve in some horror movies from the 80’s, and who are in reality some fake clowns pretending to be there to amuse you, but who instead are clowns in disguise who have the power to kill innocent humans or abusing of them? In reality life, those kind of clowns also exist, but in the shape of angelic clowns! I remember that when I was on holidays last year in Paris together with my little family, we met a French friend of ours who was an ex-colleague of my husband’s in Madagascar. He was accompanied with two children who were the children of his concubine. One of them befriended me very quickly and at a moment, we stopped in a cafeteria to have a hot drink. There, through the window, we saw a clown amusing the audience in the streets. I don’t know why but I felt something very fishy in that clown because it wasn’t normal that he was amusing the audience in a public place which was not settled for him, instead of an animation place. Then the little boy who was with me related me that in his hometown Lyon, one day there was a clown like this who tried to approached him, and who even nicknamed him “Small Gherkin” by discreetly showing to the little boy his middle finger!!!! I immediately understood the message behind that, and immediately understood that this so-called clown was a paedophile and wanted to abuse the little boy! But thank God the little boy related everything to his parents and was warned about which kind of person that fake clown was!

Another illustration that clowns even know how to hide themselves, is that those clowns in reality are people with a lot of problems and who hide behind a mask as people who are always happy, though their hearts deep inside is bleeding. This is a proof of how people who hide with a smile on their face are not always manipulators, but they can also be people who have no other choice than hiding their pain as they are alone and misunderstood all the time. For those who understand French, have a look on the lyrics of French singer Soprano’s new song “Clown”. In the clip he applies clown make-up but the message is clear, he makes people smiling and he keeps on smiling but deep inside he is a soul in pain. Here are the lyrics in French, but for which I can bring a translation soon: I also had the opportunity to read the draft of a book written by a friend of mine, Mauritian writer and painter Melissa Rivet, called “Le Cirque de la Vie” (The Circus of Life). That story relates a conversation between a businesswoman and an old man who are having a conversation together. The businesswoman is always busy running here and there like most of us, whereas the old man keeps on sitting under the tree, staring at the cars coming and going. But when they sat together, the old man related his past to the businesswoman: He said that he was the director of a circus troop in the past, but he was always busy making money thanks to his characters. Among his characters there was one of them who was performing acrobatics, and it was thanks to him that the circus was successful! But that acrobatic person was someone who was suffering a lot because he had a lot of problems, and he only wanted one thing, to stop doing acrobatics and leaving his own life, because he was fed up of his job and the fact that he had to be superficial with the audience to amuse them, only to satisfy the director’s ego! Then the director took a hard decision, which was to give back to the acrobatic man his freedom. The man was very happy since he resigned from the circus, but since that, the circus lost its popularity, but brought to its director a strong life lesson that life doesn’t mean business and that people should never be misused to satisfy other people’s ego because they also have a life.

Let’s see now that little newspaper title “A pretty face doesn’t mean a pretty heart”. Unfortunately I had difficulties to access to the original link where that picture was taken from, but I have a perfect example to give to all of you, about a public figure, whom I will though hide the identity as information about him are very sensitive. One of our members told me how her cousins fall for this guy… Because he is attractive physically! Because according to what was reported about him, he knows that he is good-looking and charming, and he is using his own charms to attract girls. This is what fake prophets are made of, and it is again proved in the Holy Bible in the last picture quote I attached, saying I quote: “Sugar coated preaching is dangerous to your soul”. Have you ever seen the mermaids in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” ? It’s exactly in that way that they attracted the pirates who have been shipwrecked in the ocean. Those pirates were all alone in the ocean, when suddenly some beautiful mermaids surrounded them slowly but surely, with hugs, kisses, caresses… Until one of them turned her angelic smile into a demoniac attack where she opened widely her mouth and showed her two vampire canines to bite one of the pirates! This is exactly how those kind of people attract us… Spreading sugar all over our pathways, until they satisfy their hunger by devouring us! Meanwhile, here is an extract of a blog post I once wrote, which I would like to share with you, I quote: “Sugar is extracted either from the beetroot or the sugar cane… For this, HUMANS must produce them, harvest them and send them in industrial factories, with heavy industrial machines, equipment and workforce. Even though those factories receive then a lot of financial and material benefits and allows all workers to have a decent salary… the product itself is sold, consumed and used in our metabolism as a poison killing the human race softly, as it will bring the human metabolism the worst diseases regarding their health: diabetes, stress, hypertension, ulcer, etc. And then other new expenses are coming up through the medical, clinic, hospital and pharmaceutical fees, which are extremely expensive!”. I also quoted ” Very few people who try hard with their own weapons to succeed in life, and most people using all sorts of coverage to get their way : corruption, belonging into a religious sect, Freemasonry, mafia, drug dealers, prostitution, politic coverage… All sorts of Fake Heavens surrounding the human being everyday, helping them to take the easiest way… But unfortunately no one seems to realise that those fake Heavens are our roads to Hell!” All this because they are attracted by easiness, which looks like sugar, and they don’t realise they are going the wrong way.

Those examples perfectly illustrate my compatriot’s quote and once more prove how the road to truth is a road which is difficult, but that you will find easy if you do it with a pure heart and fighting spirit. So are you ready to walk on that difficult but powerful pathway to Heaven? Are you more aware now about the fake prophets who have been knocking, are actually knocking or will knock on your door in a near future?


Previously, I commented about my friend’s post about Fake Prophets, which perfectly illustrated the first part of that compatriot’s quote: “By proving others wrong, you certainly don’t prove yourself right. You prove how low you can stoop.”. But in that second part of that text, I will comment on second part of that compatriot’s quote, “Life is not a competition; it’s a celebration. Don’t win the battle of life by being the cause of failure for others. Win it by being the source of inspiration for others to succeed.” and teach you, through that quote and through some personal researches that I did before, what is the meaning of being a true prophet.

While looking for some pictures, that quote captured my attention, saying“Kindness is a mark of faith, and whoever is not kind has no faith”. There I recognised nonetheless the good shape of that compatriot’s personality. Since that person who tried to compete with my compatriot tried to fool one of my compatriots’ followers to make him getting away from my compatriot and instead following his steps, my compatriot decided to confront that person who made of him his adversary, whereas my compatriot never competed with anyone. At first, the person denied everything, but afterwards was forced to recognise his part of mistakes. I don’t know though if that adversary apologised, but my compatriot decided to forgive him, and he even mentioned that this guy was also one of his “friends”. Here were the words that my compatriot said about that person during a chat session I had with him a couple of months ago regarding this adversary, I quote: “When it comes to my image, I take it as a serious concern. He denied all accusations though, but I warned him about the implications of citing things against me. (…) He knows that I’m aware of this and he will make sure to never repeat such mistake again.” But despite the seriousness of that guy’s mistake, my compatriot proved that he had nonetheless a big heart and decided to forgive him and to turn the page of that chapter once for all. But I couldn’t keep quiet about that adversary and decided to tell all my compatriots’ supporters about that adversary’s true colours and bad intentions against my compatriots, and here were my compatriot’s words after I informed all our common friends and supporters about that guy’s tricks and before my compatriot confronted that person: “It’s important to understand that I am in competition with no one, and therefore shall never utter a word that will cause harm to someone’s image. In light of this, (…), a friend of mine, supposedly said things against me. This is a sign of fear. I forgive him, no matter what. I am in communication with him on this subject because when things come to my image, I think you all know, I will make sure this is never repeated by the same person. On this note, I ask you all to remain calm. I have nothing personal against him and I don’t want you either to have something personal against him. It’s a matter of philosophy and principles. His principles may be gaining power through people. Mine is empowering people.” When you have a clean heart and that your image is spoiled by insane people, the best way for you is to confront those people… And that was what my compatriot did, and I am sure that this guy who made of him his adversary didn’t even expect that my compatriot would be aware about his tricks sooner or later. It proves also that when people try to fool other people, they are also fooling God Himself, and they don’t realise that God will show the truth sooner or later to the ones who really respect and represent Him. And this is the biggest quality which defines a true prophet.

2) Here is a second quote I saw while doing my researches about true prophets, a graffiti scripture saying: “Real Eyes Realise Real Lies”. Very poetic but very meaningful also. And when I read it, I did some researches and discovered that they were lyrics from American rap singer Tiny’s song “So Nice”. The song mostly relate about the rapper’s previous love relationship, where he faced a horrible breakup with his loved one. He appears in the lyrics to be bitter, heartbroken and also feels himself dirty for having been trapped into that fake love. The lyrics are poetic and at times vulgar, but they represent the perfect metaphor of how we would have felt if we trusted fake prophets. And true prophets perfectly know the meaning of being veiled by the fake, and suddenly seeing the fake disappearing in front of our eyes and then making us discovering the bitter truth hiding behind the sweet illusion. Unfortunately, those true prophets are hated because no one want to accept the truths they spread to us, but instead, people tend to listen to the fake prophets with sugar coated mouths and then get easily trapped. In the lyrics of the song, here is an extract where I especially paid my attention, I quote: “They say real eyes, realise, real lies but how come you never knew they were untrue All the shit you heard, false as well as fake Your water’s the only thing that I wanna break Having my little yout, another little you Read between the lines them big lies hold in little truths” And in those lyrics, the rapper is clear on one point : If you know how to read between the lines or among the words that people tell you, if you have the heart of a true prophet of love, you can easily detect the truth, which is in small particles, and the lies, which are more numerous.

3) A third quote also attracted my attention is that quote from Yoko Ono, whom some of you may have heard about, as late John Lennon’s widow. There, she really recognised the true prophecy within artists, and it also applies to Hip Hop artist Tiny. Artists have a way, through their song lyrics, to express in a poetic way the things that are always remained untold in real life, whereas those things are totally true, but no one has the courage to spread the message properly. I invite you to discover a collection of John Lennon’s collection of quotes:

John Lennon, through those quotes, was known for being a big dreamer. He has been practising also Buddhism and Hinduism and even studied the Holy Bible, as he was constantly in search of truth everywhere. I especially enjoyed to of his lyrics, one saying, I quote: “I’m not going to change the way I look or the way I feel to conform to anything. I’ve always been a freak. So I’ve been a freak all my life and I have to live with that, you know. I’m one of those people.” ― John Lennon Where he mentions clearly that he is not superficial and that he is what he is, however people may appreciate it or not, and another one saying, I quote: “If being an egomaniac means I believe in what I do and in my art or music, then in that respect you can call me that… I believe in what I do, and I’ll say it.” ― John Lennon Meaning that whoever he may be at the eyes of others, he doesn’t care, as long as he is conscious about the fact that he knows who he is, what he thinks about and what his visions are. This is the third quality of the true prophets : They don’t care for what they are, as long as they are conscious that they are sincere with themselves before being sincere with other people. A true prophet, though he was at some moments offended that some insane people misused his image, deep inside doesn’t really care, as long as he is conscious that deep inside himself he has a clear heart.

4) Here is another quote which paid my attention, saying: “We must believe what is good and true about the prophets, that they were sages, that they do understand what proceeded from their mouths, and that they bore prudence on their lips”. I also totally agree with that quote. True prophets, before they say anything, always take time to meditate on themselves before spreading their words. They are the kind of people who have the art of talking to the man they see in the mirror every morning before starting the brand new day coming. They are the kind of people who have the art of meditating with themselves and always continuously putting themselves back in question before going to others. That was what my compatriot always used to do. I saw so many pictures of him dreaming, praying, meditating, closing his eyes and being deeply concentrated or in reflection. He even once wrote that quote: “I dive deep in the echoes of my mind and I listen carefully. The quieter I become, the more I can listen to our long spoken and unspoken conversations. I force myself into presuming that you are around and I silently complete conversations that were once left incomplete.” True prophets are also good listeners, and don’t always keep on talking all the time, and this is an art that very few people have in life. The true prophet is also the one who shuts up, listens carefully and gives you the intelligent reply to what you tell them. And through this way, they learn how to “introduce themselves to their self”, like my compatriot mentions in his quote in attachment saying “Introduce yourself to your self. That’s what life is all about”.

5) Finally I saw that long quote about pop culture prophets and their philosophy behind the success of their albums. They showed, through that text in attachment, another lesson, which is the meaning of progression. I especially enjoyed the extract where they said, I quote: “We started the band thinking that the world was ugly, but it’s more beautiful than we thought. Take it from a band who used to think everything was miserable. But we’ve found that it’s not”. A true prophet, through the difficulties of life, will never complain about the difficulties of life, but will rather take the positive lessons learnt from those experiences and share them with their audience and followers, as well as a pop culture band can find the beauty hiding behind the ugliness. See for example a shell in the sea. It doesn’t look attractive at first sight if we look at the shape of the shell. But nonetheless, we are conscious about the beauty of the pearl that it hides deep inside, and this is what makes the shell appearing sacred and beautiful. True prophets know how to make us discovering the beauty behind the ugliness, the good behind the bad, the easy behind the difficult. But some true prophets also are represented as repulsive physically, but deep inside so beautiful hearts and souls. See the hermits and shamans for example, who appear scary at first sight, but who have the power of unlimited truth within themselves and inside their words. And there are also some true prophets are above all simple people like you and me, but with a great soul and great divine teachings. See the Lord Jesus Christ, for example, who is a real prophet of truth, though he was a simple carpenter coming from a poor Jewish family. Prophets who appear in luxurious clothes are not forcefully true prophets, but the fact that they hide behind their chic can easily fool people. Here are five lessons we should learn to recognise a true prophet :

1) True prophets are kind-hearted people who have the gift of forgiveness and generosity even towards their worst enemy. And the fact that my compatriot still mentioned that guy who made of him his adversary a “friend” is a big proof of maturity and generosity. I admit myself I was shocked when I read he considered that guy as a “friend”, but when I thought about it, I recognised my compatriot’s superiority behind such generosity.

2) True prophets are hidden within artists, because they have the gift of expressing things that should remain untold. My compatriot may not be a singer, but as he writes books and poems, as he also took part in some shows a couple of years ago and showed his hidden talents by playing music, he showed the artist laying within him, and succeeded as well expressing the untold things.

3) True prophets are big dreamers. We always criticise people who dream a lot instead of living in reality, but in fact, people who dream a lot have the gift of seeing the truth with the eyes of the heart, whereas people who only remain stuck to reality are living in total illusion, but they don’t seem to realise it. I also invite you to discover the lyrics of a great electro pop song I always loved listening to, as the lyrics really captivated my attention, because there, British singer Tina Cousins perfectly describes the mystery behind life and time. The song is “Mysterious Times” from Sash and Tina Cousins and was always among one of my favourite songs of all time during my university years:

4) True prophets are careful people who have the gift of prayer, meditation and careful listening, while talking to the person they see in front of their mirrors, before talking to other people.

5) Finally, true prophets have the gift of bringing progression from the darkness to the light.


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