Mayweather vs Pacquiao: Two Champions, Two Life Lessons


I wrote that essay on the day we are celebrating Lord Buddha’s birthday, and that is why I wanted to send you that Holy Buddha mantra this morning. Lord Buddha, as you know all, was a very rich Prince living in a luxurious palace, but who left everything behind him to meditate in the forest for long days under a tree, when he came to know about how the world, out of his luxurious palace, was dark and imperfect. Nowadays, his devotees, though they know about his past life, don’t concentrate on his life as a Prince, but rather on his new life since he entered the phase of deep meditation. See Lord Jesus Christ : Before being baptized by John Baptist, he was a Jew and was working as a carpenter. But he had thirst for spreading the Holy Messages from his Father in Heaven, the Almighty God, who recognized him as his Beloved and Holy Son as soon as he was baptized. Since that day, His life totally changed, and through so many miracles done on sick people, further to those unconditional messages He kept on spreading to the humanity during the forty days and forty nights He has been preaching in the desert, the Lord Jesus Christ became the Messiah. What both those Holy people had in past was that, one of them was rich, whereas the other one was poor, but both of them were physically very attractive. Nonetheless, no one even cared whether they were attractive, rich and poor, but people saw only the good in their deeds since they entered that new phase of spirituality awaiting them.

In a book he wrote and published a couple of years ago, a compatriot of mine wrote those lines: “In my early childhood, I once told my mother when I was sleeping in her lap: “Ma, I want to become a doctor” and she smiled back. During my college days, my father asked me about my future endeavor, I replied “Pa, I really love teaching”. Some days back, I answered to myself that I want to become a doctor for the poor and a teacher for the fool.” When I saw that quote it interpellated me, because it was exactly in that same way that Lord Buddha and Lord Jesus spread their Holy teachings to their followers and devotees, and their messages became universal for the whole humanity because they taught with both their heart and their mind and they perfectly knew how to build a bridge between their hearts and minds through the only one way : Love.

Unfortunately, very few preachers like Lord Jesus and Lord Buddha, and very few people succeeded into building a bridge between the heart and mind. In the world running today, we mostly tend to run much more with the sad reality which comes mostly from our mind and which lead us to fake ways to success and enrichment. There is a quote which says that the heart has its own reasons, which the reason itself doesn’t have. But very few people succeeded into understanding that quote.

I remember that one Sunday on television, there was a kickboxing match between two international champions, who were American Floyd Mayweather and Filipino Manny Pacquiao. As some of you are aware about the result, it was Mayweather who won the battle in the end. Personally I never agreed about that result. I saw a picture, which I am sending you in attachment, with that quote in it, “Mayweather wins title, Pacquiao wins the hearts”. I tried to do some researches on that quote, and here are some extracts that I found illustrating perfectly that quote, from a link I am going to share with you at the end of that text, I quote: “I probably think Mayweather is going to win, whether you like him or not,” (…) “It’s amazing how good he is. He’s managed to get really rich because he’s managed not to get hit. I want to see Pacquiao win, and if I was betting the fight, I’d probably take Pacquiao and the odds.”

I saw another explanation which interrelated me regarding Pacquiao, I quote: “Manny Pacquiao’s rise from crushing poverty to global fame and fortune has inspired a whole generation of Filipino fighters, who look up to his legend as their dream and boxing as a ticket out of harsh lives and uncertainties. They train hard and passionately, away from their families in the countryside and for long hours. The young remain hopeful, despite the long odds, thousands of body blows and dreams of rival boxers that stand in their way. They learn from those whose fighting careers are behind them, and have gained wisdom if not riches and fame. The Associated Press talked with three young boxers as they toil and sweat it out in a gym in suburban Paranaque city in metropolitan Manila, as well as three retired fighters who train young aspirants. All idolize Pacquiao (pictured) and think he will beat Floyd Mayweather in their much-awaited fight.”

I will always recognize Manny Pacquiao within any common human who has been experiencing the same kind of fight in life, which would paid him or her the respect of his or her surroundings and become big role models for the new generation to be. However, I will never have the same respect for Mayweather, because as per what I read, he may have his competences but he doesn’t seem to have get rich through the hardness of life, but unfortunately with too many facilities and comfort.

In one future post, I will show you the difference between the road to sugar and the road to money. The road to sugar is exactly what Floyd Mayweather has been living. He became extremely rich, has a lot of facilities, lots of money, his own private jet, his own trainer, and this is why through so many facilities he became a champion. It was not the case for Pacquiao, who has been living in poor conditions in his native Philippines, but instead of looking for facilities, he chose the road to honey, the most difficult road, but which lead him to respect and love, even though he tasted failure in some of his matches, like that one against Mayweather. Pacquiao instead chose the road to honey, but it was much harder.

Those who will try to compete with each of us will appear as losers because for most of them, they will be misusing people to satisfy their ego and to pro-pulse them to the walk of fame. This is to tell you how people try to go into dishonest and unscrupulous ways to satisfy their ego and to scratch down their adversaries. This is in the same way that Mayweather tried to become a well-known champion, and in that same way that he has so many haters around him, contrary to Pacquiao who is adored worldwide and a role model for the Filipinos. And this is how more and more people tend to take the road to sugar instead of the road to money nowadays, because for people, time is no more quality, but money and quantity.

I remember I was working in Madagascar for the account of a freight and transit company. The company was working on a mining project together with the multinational freight group, especially the Toronto Branch Office. My ex-boss went to Toronto in the aim of that project and described me the way Toronto people were living their life. He described Toronto as a true cosmopolitan town, with respect for each other, simplicity of life, and total security, which was especially illustrated by absence of policemen, cleanliness and discipline in the streets. He also described me how people there live, especially those big bosses. Contrary to countries like Mauritius, Madagascar and even Seychelles, which base themselves again on the quantity of work produced, Canadian people base themselves on the quality of the work produced. This is why, even during the working hours, you will see those big managers together with their families playing golf or jogging, and they don’t care as long as their schedule is perfectly organized and that they will make sure to submit their final work into the respected deadlines. This is the true proof of people who really knew how to make a difference between quality and quantity.

Finally, I would like to share with you a true story: I have recently acknowledged a compatriot, who was the father of a teenage boy. The teenage boy was someone very competent and intelligent, but that he wasn’t involving himself enough in his studies, whereas his father is working very hard for giving his son the best he can as a loving and responsible father, who has a strong vision for his child. Also, I explained to the teenage boy how lucky he is to have wonderful parents and also such a loving, caring and hardworking father who works hard for him and who loves him with every beat of his heart like a true father. By the same way, I personally proposed the teenage boy, with his father’s permission, to help him getting into that journey of hardship and maturity, starting by helping him in French, which is the subject where he is actually facing some difficulties. Unfortunately, some sad circumstances made that they are no more friends with me, though I still kept space in my heart for them. But if I have again the opportunity to help that teenage boy, one thing is sure is that I will never request him money for helping him in French, because the only price that teenage boy has to pay me is to obtain GOOD RESULTS from his OWN EFFORTS and to turn into a RESPONSIBLE AND MATURE young man, who will make the pride of his parents, family, surroundings and his country too.

Thank you so much for your attention… Because life is a JOURNEY… NOT a DESTINATION… It’s time to change our minds and to realize it once for all.


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