The Power of a Shoulder

Click here for the article about that Black man sleeping on Jewish man’s shoulders

While surfing on the Internet, I discovered a picture, which is a real proof of humanity, and shows us that there are still people in this world who have feelings for others.

The picture was taken in a subway in Brooklyn, showing a black man sleeping on a Jewish man’s shoulder for more than half an hour. Another passenger, who was traveling in the same subway, asked the Jewish man whether he needed assistance and if it was necessary to wake up the black man, in case he was disturbing the Jewish man. Instead, the Jewish man replied to him, “He had a long day, so let him sleep. We’ve all been there”.

The picture collected many likes on Facebook and inspired lots of magazines and newspapers. Thanks to that generous gesture, a Jewish man, who was an ordinary passenger like all the passengers in the subway, became a star within a couple of seconds.

This demonstrates a powerful lesson in life. We always run after money, fame and success, but we tend to forget the people who are in front of us in search of a supportive shoulder to lean on in times of difficulty. We tend to support people from our own community, with the same skin color, religion or social status; from our family, among our social network, among our circles of friends. But we don’t care about the stranger we meet in public who may have no one to lean on when he or she is in great difficulties. Ironically, there are also some people who tend to give a helping hand to strangers, but who don’t care properly about their family members or their friends, who beat their significant other, who mistreat and misuse their children and who are arrogant with the poor and the disabled!

Furthermore, we forget about the importance of the shoulder God offers us.

He offers us a shoulder to bear the heaviest burdens when our hands are tired.

God offers a shoulder for a child or a baby to lean on when they are tired, and need a place to sleep when they are away from home and their comfortable bed.

God offers us a shoulder when we need to keep our heads up and face the world…

Finally, God offers a shoulder to anyone who would like to lean on it, whether it is for a hug, or for a moment of tenderness, for sharing love and friendship together, but also a shoulder to rest on when we are tired, or to cry on when we are feeling great pain.


So never underestimate the power of a shoulder!


Author: ekasringa.umavaghat

I am a Unicorn. I am Unique. I am Uma.

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