The Secret Behind The 01st May as Labour Day

The 1st May is known as the Labor Day in most parts of the world, at the exception of Canada and USA, which celebrate it on the 1st September instead of 1st May.

I would like to start that text by relating you a story. A very cute but very inspirational story, with a deep message behind it. When I was a child, I enjoyed reading books from the Comtesse de Segur, who is a very well known authoress in the world of Francophone children literature. Among one of my favorite books from the Comtesse de Segur, I especially enjoyed reading “Les Malheurs de Sophie”, which relates the misadventures of a mischievous little girl named Sophie de Rean, who used to make a lot of mistakes forcing her mother to punish her.

In one of the chapters of the book, Sophie secretly stole some candied fruits from a box that her father brought for her mother and for herself from Paris. When Sophie realized her mistake about her greed, she was ashamed of herself. But instead of revealing her fault to her mother honestly, she planned in her head to declare that she would lie to her mother, pretending that the rats have eaten the candied fruits. But she didn’t yet execute her plan to lie to her mother, as it was bedtime for her, so she had to go to sleep. Unfortunately, her sleep was very agitated, because she had a strange dream: She dreamt that she was with her guardian angel in front of two pathways. One of the pathways was full of stones and rugged, whereas the other one was sandy and agreeable to walk on. Sophie persisted to take the sandy road, but her guardian angel stopped her and said “No Sophie, please don’t take that road because it will bring you to the Garden of Evil. Come with me and take the other road, which will bring you to the Garden of Eden.” Sophie persisted: “But, my guardian angel, the road you are showing me is rugged and full of stones, contrary to the other one which is sandy and so agreeable to walk on.” The angel insisted again that Sophie comes with him on the rugged road, and even tried to pull Sophie together with him. But Sophie refused to obey, left her guardian angel’s hand and ran on the sandy pathway. While she was going away, from afar her guardian angel was screaming to her “Come back, Sophie! I will wait for you to come back and then you will come with me on the rugged way, which will bring you to the Garden of Eden!” When Sophie was far away from her guardian angel, she entered a beautiful garden which seemed to look like a paradise place. Some beautiful children were asking her to come to them, and she effectively came to them. But when she was together with them, some of them slapped her, some other ones pinched her, and other even beat her! With a lot of difficulties, Sophie succeeded escaping from those naughty children and continued to visit the garden. She saw a beautiful flower and smelled it, but the flower had a very repulsive and stinky smell! She saw a beautiful fruit on the top of a tree. She collected it and tasted a piece of it, but she immediately threw that piece away, as the taste of the fruit was infect and poisonous! Then Sophie came to understand that her guardian angel was right and that the sandy pathway brought her in the Garden of Evil! She saw her guardian angel who was waiting for her at the exit of the garden, and she ran away immediately into her angel’s arms crying. Then the guardian angel took Sophie’s hand and brought her together with him on the rugged road. At first, the rugged road seemed difficult for Sophie to walk on, but the more she was walking over it, the lesser the road became difficult to walk on, the softer the pathway became and the landscape seemed fresh and agreeable to Sophie. When Sophie arrived at the moment in her dream where she would enter the Garden of Eden, she suddenly woke up with fear, and decided to talk about her dream to her mother when she would see her mother on early morning. But when she met her mother, she noticed a severe expression over her face. But Sophie totally forgot about the candied fruit story, and immediately started relating that dream to her mother. Then her mother replied to her: “Sophie, do you know what that dream means? It means that God, who sees that you aren’t behaving as a good girl, is warning you through that dream that, if you keep on mischieving in life, you will make your life miserable instead of making it agreeable. That fake garden is the replicate of Hell, whereas the Garden of Eden is Paradise. To access to Paradise, you must go through a tough journey, by being always wise, obedient, hardworking and good, and to renounce in return to your weaknesses and temptations which will bring you directly to the opposite garden.” When Sophie heard that explanation, she then remembered the candied fruits she ate the day before and started feeling extremely agitated. Also her mother decided to help her and told her “Sophie, you have something to reveal to me. But you don’t have the courage to reveal that thing to me, because you fear the punishment that you deserve regarding that thing, and which is a punishment that you really deserve. Come on Sophie, listen to your guardian angel and jump boldly over the stones on the way that your angel is indicating you!” After a little more agitation, then Sophie took courage and revealed to her mother that she ate almost all the candied fruits the day after. When her mother asked her why she wanted to hide her the truth, Sophie admitted she wanted to lie to her mother, pretending that the rats have eaten the fruits. Then her mother replied: “If you told me about the rats instead of telling me the truth, I would never have believed in you, because a rat would be unable to open the box to eat the fruits. Did you see how you did well to reveal me about your mistake frankly? Have you lied to me, I would have pitilessly punished you. Also, as you have told me the truth, the only punishment that you deserve is not to eat the left candied fruits until tomorrow”. Sophie was so happy and relieved that she kissed her mother and thanked her to the core.

That message always inspired me, because it made me understanding that if you really want to obtain something positive in life, you must always follow the most difficult pathway through hard work and honesty, whereas if you choose laziness and easiness, you are on your road to hell directly. In our native Mauritius though, like in that modern world that we live, another kind of laziness appeared: the difficult road during which you use your own weapons to arrive to your goal, and which will make your journey longer and slower, but bring beautiful and eternal fruits in one hand… the easy road where you are helped with all kinds of people who are not always honest, where you are using machines to go faster, but after which you will obtain some fruits which are ephemera. One day, a good friend of mine mentioned about those two kinds of roads: the road to honey and the road to sugar. See the illustration I am sending you in attachment, regarding the benefits of honey compared to sugar. And in addition, try to imagine the production of those both stuffs. Honey, as you know, is NOT something produced by HUMANS! It’s a long but very beautiful process, made with BEES, with a QUEEN BEE at their head, from a hive full of bees. When you extract the honey from the hive, all you have to do is to consume it in a conditioned box or can, and it’s a product which will remain consumed forever and bring you all the nutritional needs that your metabolism needs. But look at the sugar: Sugar is extracted either from the beetroot or the sugar cane… For this, HUMANS must produce them, harvest them and send them in industrial factories, with heavy industrial machines, equipment and workforce. Even though those factories receive then a lot of financial and material benefits and allows all workers to have a decent salary… the product itself is sold, consumed and used in our metabolism as a poison killing the human race softly, as it will bring the human metabolism the worst diseases regarding their health: diabete, stress, hypertension, ulcer, etc. And then other new expenses are coming up through the medical, clinic, hospital and pharmaceutical fees, which are extremely expensive!

Why did I choose that illustration about the comparison of sugar vs honey as well of small Sophie’s dream? Because it’s exactly like that that our society works: Very few people who try hard with their own weapons to succeed in life, and most people using all sorts of coverage to get their way : corruption, belonging into a religious sect, Freemasonry, mafia, drug dealers, prostitution, politic coverage… All sorts of Fake Heavens surrounding the human being everyday, helping them to take the easiest way… But unfortunately no one seems to realize that those fake Heavens are our roads to Hell! Have you heard Eiffel 65’s lyrics from their hit “Too Much of Heaven” released in 1999 from their debut album Europop? Just have a look on the lyrics while listening to that super-hit in the link that I am sending you, and which would make of that song a very meaningful one, and this is a very strong message that Eiffel 65 spreads to us, on how our greed for power and money is our road to hell, because it looks like exactly the road of sugar that I illustrated previously:

But when you do your own efforts, the fruits of your success are eternal, and your road to success is infinite, and the fruits beneficial to a bright future for you, exactly like the honey production. On this pathway to Honey, a knowledge of mine brilliantly succeeded. He was all alone during all his youth, fighting under the scorching sun to help his parents and pay his own educational fees. He was all alone fighting against the injustices he had to face everyday in life. He was all alone during his studies and his professional career. He never called for any help apart his own courage, his own efforts and help from God! The road was long and painful to him, but from the hell in which he has been living, he reached the road to Heaven without even looking backwards! See the quote regarding Hell that I am also sending in attachment of that text, and which is very meaningful. It perfectly illustrates what my knowledge has been passing through to be where he is and who he is today.

As per the French tradition, Thrush appears for the very first time in France by the 1st May, which symbolizes the end of winter and the beginning of spring, and it is considered as a lucky charm in France. Winter represents the hell in that tradition, with the cold chilly weather, exactly that coldness that my knowledge had to face during all his youth to help his parents, whereas spring represents paradise, which my knowledge is today facing quietly and peacefully, thanks to the fruit of his personal efforts to succeed in life, for which he never depended on anyone to achieve his goals, but depended only on his own person and courage.


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