The Phoenix and the Unicorn

I am sure that when you will see the name of my website, you will all wander why I chose that name “Ekasringa Avatar” as a nickname and to name my blog. First of all, for a better explanation, here is a flashback on how it started.

 A couple of years ago before marriage, while I was still living at my parents’ place in Mauritius, I finished university but I was still unemployed. During my free time, I used to chat with a Mauritian pal of mine, whom I acknowledged through a social platform, and who was unemployed like me since he just finished college and was waiting for a reply for university. We became good friends and we used to chat very often together.

My friend had a big collection of pictures he saved on his computer, and which he picked from electronic greeting cards he received from his contacts. As a passionate of those greeting cards, he shared some of them with me. The very first one which he shared with me was that picture above, representing a beautiful white unicorn sitting on top of a stairway and facing a beautiful castle enlightened with the sunrise. From that picture, the term “Sunrising Unicorn” came into my mind and I used it to create my new Yahoo email address, which is no more now since I wasn’t using it too much after I created my Hotmail one.

In the beginning, neither the unicorn legend nor the name “Sunrising Unicorn” had any special effect on my heart nor on my mind, until I decided to restart writing and blogging a couple of months ago.

From the first time I received that greeting card since recently, I had been passing through a lot of tough moments in my life during which I was drowning in total darkness. But a couple of months ago, the image of that unicorn arose again in my mind and then took a different meaning to me, due to the enlightenment it was representing. I looked at the picture again and that time, I could feel a true feeling of positiveness embracing me and chasing away all the dark shadows that were haunting my life. I also meditated again on the “Sunrising Unicorn” name which I invented while creating my new Yahoo email address, and for the first time as well, those two words started having a powerful meaning to me.

First of all “Sunrising”, a word which doesn’t exist in the English dictionary in one word, but in two words, “Sun Rising”, but which I chose to combine into one only word. Sunrising meant to me the same thing as for the Phoenix rising again from its ashes. As I told you before, for a very long period, I had been facing a deep moment of continuous darkness where I was getting drowned. I then remembered the philosophy of the phoenix rising from its ashes, which is perfectly described through that personal experience from Dr Gail Brenner, which she perfectly describes in Dr Gail Brenner’s Experience of the Phoenix Rising from its Ashes. And I may say that Dr Gail Brenner’s experience is exactly what I had been experiencing in my life, but on a very longer and tougher way that I expected. I remember also a quote that another friend of mine sent me to console me during a period I was facing a very tough moment during my late teenage years, where he wrote: “After every thunderstorm, there will always be a new day shining bright, bringing new hopes, new heights and new ways in your life”. That quote made on me the effect of a daily karma each time that I was desperate and hopeless, and at the image of the Phoenix Rising from Its Ashes, when I see that Unicorn facing the brilliant sunrise and the castle shining at the contact of that sunrise, I was completely convinced that the sun always rises for everyone, even for those who face the toughest and most difficult moments of their lives.

According to the story, the Phoenix, which was old, sick and weak, turned into ashes after having begged to the Sun to make of him a young and strong bird, and then rose again from its ashes becoming a majestic and beautiful bird which is beloved and worshiped everywhere in the world and recognized as a powerful mystical creatures in all religious and spiritual beliefs which exist. While reading that story, I recognized myself perfectly in it, and when I arrived at the last part of the story where the Phoenix arose from its ashes, I have been taught another life lesson: The Phoenix, after having been born from its ashes, became a very one animal of its kind. But which link does it have with the Unicorn?

I obtained the answer through another website I had discovered through an article entitled “Why the Phoenix Trumps the Unicorn in Tech” and I paid attention on an extract from the author mentioning, I quote, “Unicorns elicit a lot of excitement. They’re beautiful and majestic. But even in mythology they’re known to be extremely rare. (…) Unicorns have many perks; but unlike the phoenix, they’re only born once.” But the personal conclusion that I make about the link between Phoenix and Unicorns is that to become a Unicorn, we should be a Phoenix first. The Phoenix represents the outer image of ourselves, with our moments of weaknesses and strengths, moments where we fall down and then rise again stronger than ever. The Phoenix is the visible part of our personality, which we see with our eyes and with our brains, but not with our hearts. The Unicorn, though, is the inner side of our personality, something very unique and which belongs only to ourselves, helping us making a difference besides other people. But most of the time, it’s an unexploited part of our personality, which we don’t try to find out with the voice of our heart, and which makes that so many people tend to copy on others instead of being original. There’s a quote saying “Take birth original, but don’t die as a copy”… Unfortunately that’s what most people tend to do. Why? Because they are scared to be mocked? Fear of isolation? Fear of being taken for mad? It shouldn’t be, and we should learn how to overcome on our own fears if we know how to listen to the voice of our hearts properly.


Author: ekasringa.umavaghat

I am a Unicorn. I am Unique. I am Uma.

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