Ekasringa and Hayagriva

How did the Ekasringa name come into my mind?

As I told you in my post “The Phoenix and the Unicorn“, the first thing which made me getting interested into unicorns was the picture of that beautiful unicorn featuring at the top of that post. But one day, I wanted to look for some details about unicorns. Among my researches, I found that the unicorn was well known also in Hinduism and that the Sanskrit name for the unicorn was Ekasringa.

While doing researches about Ekasringa, I found a little description on Wikipedia, where it was said that it was one of Lord Vishnu’s names in the shape of a unique horn. As per some sources, which though are still abstract, Ekasringa also relates the story “ About a man who becomes an itinerant mystic, meditating and living in the forest among the animals. It gives birth to a divine antelope, a child with a single horn on the head and supernatural powers.“. However, the legend is still unknown behind the legend of Ekasringa, and actually, according to Seema Singh’s article dated Friday 24-Apr-09 and entitled “Scientists inch closer to cracking Indus Valley script“, there had been some scientists who discovered some old Indus scripts which were retrieved on seals and tablets and dated 4000 years. Hereunder, one of those scripts, and a big plan on the one representing Ekasringa, and on which scientists are actually working on, certifying that through those discoveries, they are “trying to write the ‘script’ before [they] can begin reading it“:

26157301-39d5-4631-9455-1b6f72f6d001 (2)ekasringa

When I see that picture and when I read the description of it as a child with a single horn on the head and supernatural powers, I once again had the proof that unicorns are unique, rare and extraordinary. Most of all, the unicorn is the animal that we cannot see with our eyes but only with our hearts. Unfortunately, very few people have the gift about seeing the unicorn within others and even within themselves, and which is something unique and extraordinary which belongs only to each of us. But to come back to the scientists’ studies about those scripts, I sincerely hope that they will discover a wonderful message unknown from nowadays and which relate the hidden depth of Hinduism through some very powerful messages for the humanity.

But while researching some pictures of Ekasringa, in addition to that picture above, I had the surprise and the great pleasure discovering the existence of a Horse Circus from Quebec, and having the same name Ekasringa. I don’t know much about circus life, also I tried to do some specific researches about it through the equestrian circus band Ekasringa’s website itself. As per the translation I obtained from the original text regarding the values and traditions of that circus cooperation, “EKASRINGA mission is to promote equestrian art along the lines of traditional circus to live like a theater, and produce itinerant horse shows, round track, in a fun atmosphere, where happiness human artists and animals is paramount. The goal of the cooperative is to touch the magnet public places on a human scale and to create proximity and meeting with creators and artists animals of their works.

Then, the pleasure which I found at first about the existence of that circus troop elapsed when I read those lines, and the total indifference from the troop about the inner suffering of those animals during circus shows, since their goal is to earn money through entertaining people and not through protecting those animals. I don’t know why, but as an animal lover, I don’t agree with their principles when I think about how those animals are treated instead of being let in their natural state. I also thought about doing some researches and saw that documentary in French, including a video in English with French subtitles, which confirms exactly whatever I doubted, and about how those animals are treated so cruelly, and only in the aim of satisfying the ego of the spectators and of the circus troop members for money purposes only.

Despite all, I would really be interested one day to discover what hides behind the curtains regarding those animals within the Ekasringa circus, and to see whether they truly love their horses and animals or if they are doing it for purposes of making money only. I would also love, if the Ekasringa team agrees, to discover how they treat their horses and if they respect the horses like they respect themselves. I sincerely pray that despite their aim of making money for entertaining people, they are conscious about the sacredness of the horse and that their horses are treated like kings and queens as well. If it’s the case, if they really care about the welfare of their animals, then it would be a pleasure for me to work with them, since I have a dream in mind which I would love to turn into reality. I noticed that in Mauritius especially, the horses who participate in horse races are very badly mistreated, but what is sad is that very few media talk about the case of horse mistreatment in Mauritius. That interview of Del Ghurburrun, for example, shows perfectly about the passivity of Mauritians towards that increasing drama, and as per Del Ghurburrun, I quote, “There are two to three sites in the island who engage in this activity. These people claim to have an equestrian activity. But they can not explain how the horses disappear from their sites. Thus our inspectorate discovered the case of Big Bad John. It is unfortunate that we did a tour of power. It has no power of seizure. Not until authorization of the official owner to use this horse. This shows the importance of changing the law.” I also had the shock discovering by hazard through that forum discussion the scandal implicating three Mauritian youngsters who slaughtered a horse “only for fun”!!!!! I was scandalized by that matter and I created a dream in my head where I mentioned that, in case I come to discover Ekasringa’s true love for their horses and that I succeed one day earning money with that blog, I associate myself together with Ekasringa to create a GoFundMe Project to finance all the international organizations which are already working hard on stopping mistreatment on horses used for circus, shows, hippodrama, horse races, etc.

On the spiritual site, whatever people don’t seem to understand is that the horse is known as a sacred animal which brings lots of positiveness and happiness to whoever believes in its power, like described in Wikipedia regarding the Horse Worship. Focussing mostly on Hinduism, since I am a devotee of Lord Vishnu, I read that the Horse Worship started at the Bronze age: “In India, Horse worship in the form of worship of Hayagriva dates back to 2000 BC,[1] when the Indo-Aryan people started to migrate into the Indus valley.[2] The Indo-Aryans worshipped the horse for its speed, strength, and intelligence.[3][4] To this day, the worship of Hayagriva exists among the followers of Hinduism.” As per the legend of Hayagriva, it has a very important role to play towards Lord Brahma, who is first God of the Hindu mythology and known as the Creator. As per its legend, Lord Brahma was about to create the world and had to use the Vedas to accomplish His creation. But two demons, Madhu and Kaithaba, created by Lord Brahma through two water droplets, stole the Vedas, which unallowed Lord Brahma completing his work. Advised by Goddess Shakti (the Mother Goddess), Lord Brahma then asked Lord Vishnu’s help to restitute the Vedas. Lord Vishnu, under the shape of His horse avatar Hayagriva, killed the two demons and restituted the scriptures to Lord Brahma. I would love everyone, starting with Hindu people themselves, to pay a special attention to that paragraph so that they would understand about the sacredness of the Horse within humanity. Killing and mistreating a horse is indirectly a way of insulting the power of Lord Vishnu as Hayagriva Avatar.

To conclude, if we pay attention on what is written above, it’s possible to create a link between Ekasringa and Hayagriva, though no traces still prove about the link between them, unless maybe those Scientists succeed into decrypting the ancient scripts from the Indus Valley regarding the Ekasringa. If the Horse is the source of the protection of the World Creation in general, the Ekasringa is the source within each human being since he or she takes birth. The Ekasringa is the extraordinary inner power making each human unique within that big world and helping the human being into cultivating and conservating it preciously, exactly like Lord Hayagriva protecting the Vedas are to Lord Brahma to create the Universe.



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