A Trip to Unicorn Island – My personal tribute to Lilly Singh

On the morning I wrote that page, I decided to delete my website, which is of no more use for me, and instead I decided to convert into WordPress, which I really find interesting and a better chance for me to connect with people each and every day.

Why did I choose such a title for that unique blog post, “A Trip to Unicorn Island”?

I was looking for a video with the theme “Unicorn”, when I went on an introduction video of a live concert from an Indo-Canadian artist, Lilly Singh, entitled “A Trip to Unicorn Island”.

What really amazed me about that beautiful young lady is her determination and how, from a traditional Punjabi girl and brilliant student, she succeeded into becoming a great rapper, one-stand comedian and motivational speaker. I looked for more information about her on Wikipedia and discovered that extract of her personal life, which interested me a lot and which says all about her background: “Singh was born in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, to Malwinder and Sukhwinder Singh, who are originally from Punjab, India. She was raised in the Sikh tradition. Singh has an older sister named Tina. As a child, Singh was a tomboy.[3] She attended Mary Shadd Public School during her elementary years and high school at Lester B. Pearson Collegiate Institute, graduating in 2006.[4] She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from York University. Singh developed a strong connection with her Punjabi heritage during visits to India.[5] She struggled with depression, and began making YouTube videos as a way of dealing with her feelings.[6] She soon realized that more opportunities await her in Los Angeles, California, where she currently resides.[7] She is most recognized for having many young followers who help her to continue making YouTube videos.[8]

As I am myself half Indian of origins, which I inherit from my ancestors from state of Bihar, like almost all the girls raised in the Indian traditions, girls are always put into an inferior place compared to men, since men carry not only the name of the family until death, but also all the family values and traditions. Personally, since I am used to that kind of philosophy, because I know that my husband will always support me into my fulfilling my dreams of being a known writer, but as a woman, spouse and mother, it’s also of my duty to keep my place and to fulfill my responsibilities towards them to keep the flame of marriage and family live always alive.

Nonetheless, where I don’t agree with the Indian traditions is that despite their devotion to their families, girls and women don’t have the right to express their own personality freely. As per my personal philosophy, being a devoted family spouse and mother, and having a unique personality can perfectly match together, and Lilly Singh perfectly understood it. I am sending to you a very interesting link in which you will discover an introduction video of Lilly Singh’s live concert “A trip to Unicorn Islands” in Melbourne, and have a clue about who hides behind that eccentric, but unique and inspirational artist, which says it all and which will make you understanding why I chose to talk about her as coverage of my blog: Lilly Singh – A trip to Unicorn Islands

Thank you so much, Lilly Singh, and as Queen sang it in the 80s, “The Show Must Go On”!

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Author: ekasringa.umavaghat

I am a Unicorn. I am Unique. I am Uma.

One thought on “A Trip to Unicorn Island – My personal tribute to Lilly Singh”

  1. I wish i could meet you ! Its been 3 years that I’ve been commenting on her videos & Instagram ! I badly want to meet her ! I even cut my wrist because she didn’t respond me when I sent her a beautiful picture saying Lilly Singh #Bawse.But she never Replied ! I live in Mauritius! My only dream is to meet u lilly. I started a YouTube channel only that I can get famous and meet u !


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